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Congressman Mike Johnson - Top Trump Ally

In an article in The Advocate, they profiled Louisiana Congressman & top Trump ally Mike Johnson.

Here's a sample of it.

U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson was one of the faces of President Donald Trump's recent impeachment defense — hand-picked by the president to be on a tight-knit response team that did countless appearances on television. But it was the behind-the-scenes work by the Bossier City Republican that may have had a more significant impact on the president's eventual acquittal.
“It was a career highlight for me, it's a big historic event and kind of surreal to be a part of,” Johnson said.
Johnson, who practiced Constitutional law for about two decades before joining Congress, nearly had a role presenting oral arguments in the Senate trial, but about a week before it began, senators agreed that only the Democrat impeachment managers from the House would be allowed on the floor during the trial.
“They didn't want House members on both sides because they were afraid to turn (it) into a cage match,” Johnson, 48, recently recalled, chuckling.

It's good that we have so many legislators that are on the President's team and in his inner circle. We need great conservatives working with the President if we want to win in November and win by advancing the MAGA Agenda!

Thanks to Congressman Johnson for being a big Trump Supporter!

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