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HAYRIDE: Biden, Garland, Jeff Landry And The School Boards Mess

What might very well be the result of the insane federal overreach that was U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland attacking parents concerned about leftist cultural aggression among local school boards is the collapse of those entities’ national cohesion.

You already know the story by now. School board meetings across the country have become battlefields as disgusted and disgruntled parents have showed up to voice their displeasure on a number of topics over the past couple of years.

And those parents have lots to complain about. In too many places across the country, the Left and their teacher union instruments have actively pushed an agenda most Americans want nothing to do with – from transgenderism to Critical Race Theory to COVID hysteria. In each case, parents wishing to raise their children with traditional values have become outraged.

That schools spent an entire year with remote learning rather than in-person classes made it worse not just because parents were inconvenienced by having to proctor their kids’ Zoom classes, but also because in doing so they got a first-hand view of what was being taught. And it didn’t go over well in lots of cases.

So parents are now much more active at school board meetings. In Virginia, this has become a flashpoint for the gubernatorial election, particularly when Democrat former governor Terry McAuliffe, who’s trying to get a second term in office (consecutive terms are illegal for Virginia governors), repeatedly stated his objection to parents deciding what’s taught in schools. That position could very easily cost him the governorship of that state, particularly given the scandal in Loudon County, where a “trans-woman” – a boy in a dress – raped a ninth-grader in a girls’ bathroom and the victim’s father was brutalized and arrested at a school board meeting after objecting strenuously to board members’ denials that the rape had taken place.

The father’s outburst led to the National School Board Association (whose headquarters is in Virginia) writing a letter to the Justice Department complaining about “domestic terrorists” threatening or attacking school board members. That wasn’t a serious letter, but it didn’t matter: five days later Garland was issuing that guidance and threatening to sic the FBI on parents objecting to leftist indoctrination at school boards.

Garland was in front of a House committee yesterday, and things got very chippy. Here was Rep. Jim Jordan’s opening statement talking about the FBI directive…


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