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How To Get Back To MADE IN THE USA!

These days there has been a lot of talk about strictly Buying American and for good reason! The Chinese has stifled our supply of goods and played hardball with lifesaving medicines like antibiotics. It is common sense that we should not rely on a foreign adversary for a majority of our goods!

That being said, it is important moving forward that we detox from the Chinese drug of cheap goods in a responsible manner!

We must ensure that the cure isn't worse than the disease!

Responsible repatriation of our supply chains starts with understanding that these systems of manufacturing are years old and will not be dismantled in a day or even a few months. It will take time for companies to adapt and rethink the way they build things. Large corporations make their plans on 5 and 10 year calendars - it will not be easy for them to just up and leave. That is why we need to take a long term approach to Buying American.

If we take this long term approach and incentivize rather than force companies to come back home, we will achieve what we really want - another American Century. The battle to Buy American again will be won when we create competitive advantages that companies want to take part in. Our goal will be achieved when we make this country more business and manufacturing friendly.

This goal is not only an economic goal but also a matter of national security. As we've seen throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, China has no qualms about holding important goods hostage. It appears more and more evident every day that we are in a new Cold War with China.

In the 80s, would we have liked one of our top trading partners to be the USSR?

Would we have stood for relying on goods from a country that was plotting against us???

Of course not.

That is why we must move to an American Made economy. The best way to achieve this goal is through a measured approach that incentivizes companies and recognizes that this won't happen over night.

That way, we can reap the benefits of a country that makes things again and detox from China!

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