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JOB CREATORS: Landry Responds to Awful SCOTUS Decision on Admitting Privileges

Landry Responds to Awful SCOTUS Decision on Admitting Privileges

Earlier today, the Supreme Court ruled against women, the fight for safe healthcare, and the Pro-Life movement with an awful decision on Louisiana’s admitting privileges law. Though President Trump’s two Supreme Court nominees ruled in favor of this pro-woman, pro-life legislation, Chief Justice John Roberts fell into his old ways and sided with abortion.

Attorney General Jeff Landry had this to say about the decision:

“Today, the Supreme Court continued its heartbreaking line of decisions that places ‘access’ to abortion above the health and safety of women and girls.” 

The Chief Justice put his own concerns of the Court’s legacy and previous precedent over doing the right thing and siding with true Justice. Just because a law is precedent does not make it a good law - just look at racist decisions like Plessy v. Fergusson, Dred’s Scott, or the Korematsu decision which allowed for Japanese internment camps during WWII. 

We need strong constitutionalists on the bench who will respect good precedent while also recognizing that humans can get things wrong and that when it’s wrong, IT NEEDS TO CHANGE!

Landry said as much in his press release that went following the announcement: 

“When laws are passed with nearly unanimous bipartisan support by the elected representatives of a state and with undisputed proof of dangerous conditions and substandard abortion providers, but they cannot survive judicial review – something is drastically wrong with the Court’s case law on this subject.

I will continue to pray for all women and girls who will be exposed to the incompetent abortionists that put profits over people; and I will keep doing all that I legally can to protect the unborn, their mothers, and all Louisiana women.”

We join AG Landry’s indignation with regards to this issue and champion his constant support of the Pro-Life Movement. Jeff Landry has been an ardent defender of the right to life and we look forward to continuing to support his efforts to defend the unborn and women. 

Though we hit a bump in the road with this decision, this WILL NOT STOP our efforts to Protect LIFE!

Read AG Landry's full statementHERE!

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