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LA Citizens For Job Creators: A Much Needed Answer to American Independence

It has been over a month since states across the country have closed their doors, imposed Stay at Home orders, and essentially brought the US Economy to a grinding halt. Main Street can now be called Pain Street as so many businesses are being financially gutted and their very existence slowly being bled dry. 

Even with $2.2 Trillion being infused into the economy, the unemployment rate is at record highs and the economic moral of America is at record lows. 

If the coronavirus has taught us anything it is how vulnerable our country is and how dependent we are on China and foreign supply chains. This must stop.  

In an effort to address this desperate need for change, The Empowerment Alliance has produced thought provoking ideas and solutions to help address the daunting task of getting our country back up and running through energy independence and free market solutions; setting forth a foundation for long term economic growth and stability through self reliance and being "American Made."

Learn more about their initiatives HERE.   

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