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Letters To MAGA: Ruston Reader Agrees - Price Controls ARE DANGEROUS!

This article was written by MAGA Louisiana fan Lisa Hightower from Ruston, Louisiana. If you would like a letter to the editor posted, message us on Facebook - @MAGAlouisiana!

Dear Editor,

My twelve year old daughter and I both take daily medications to mediate the symptoms of our health issues.   I want to urge you to strengthen and protect biopharmaceutical companies, so they can continue to develop the medication that we need.


    Price setting proposals are dangerous to patients like us. Specifically, it could inhibit the chance for new treatments and cures to come to market.


     It is never the right time to stymie the growth of an industry that touches the life and health of virtually every single American, especially when it is directly responsible for bringing us out of this devastating pandemic. I hope that you make the right choice and support biopharmaceutical companies by striking down price setting legislation.




Lisa Hightower

Ruston, Louisiana

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