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Louisiana Legislator Strikes Back Against Big Tech Monopolies!

As we covered in one of our last posts, Big Tech is having a day of reckoning in Baton Rouge.

We've watched these monopolies stifle free speech, de-platform voices they don't like and trample all over basic American rights. They have exerted ABSOLUTE control over the market and act only in their own interests... not the consumers, not the country's, not even the interests of their own customers!

It's outrageous, egregious, preposterous....

And it must STOP!

We've seen that many of our leaders in Washington don't have the stomach to take on #BigTech but down here in the Bayou State, we've got some tougher leaders. Rep. Daryl Deshotel is one of those legislators.

He's standing up to the Monopolies with his bill HB 518. This piece of legislation would prevent Apple, Google, and the other big tech firms from taking a 30% cut of every sale made on their app stores.

This may not sound like much but this TAX on their competitors effectively puts up a wall that prevents small businesses from even attempting to enter the market.

In the digital economy, margins are slim. Between development costs, marketing, legal fees, and paying to have your digital product hosted on the internet, the costs add up quickly. So for a small business taking a chance on a new app, slapping a 30% tax on top of all the other costs makes it basically impossible to even try to enter the market.

Then on top of all that, if they do try their luck, pay the 30%, and put their app on the App Store - if the app is good enough, these companies just copy their technology, steal their idea, and put them out of business.

It's Anti-Competivie and wholly un-American.

Some groups will try to tell you that this is the free market doing what it does best - letting the consumer pick the winners and losers.... THEY'RE WRONG.

This isn't about free market capitalism - this is about power. This is about a handful of liberal California elites deciding who get's to play in their digital playhouse and who isn't allowed in. These are the same people that banned people from sharing alternative views on COVID 19, these are the same people who banned pro life posts, and these are the same people that BANNED THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

They have a clear agenda. They want the internet to be theirs and theirs alone.

It's time we fight back.

Please stand with Rep. Daryl Deshotel and his HB 518. Together, we can deal the first big blow to BIG TECH and start to dismantle these awful, power hungry monopolies.

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