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Mark Meadows - Say No to Price Controls in Medicine!

We've talked a lot about free-market principles here on MAGA LA. As conservatives, we should all be in support of market-based approaches to problems - healthcare is no different.

Throughout President Trump's tenure as Commander in Chief, there have been waring factions that have fought to influence his healthcare policy. Some of these groups wish to implement socialist-style price controls as a way to make things fairer. In reality, these misguided policies would do the absolute opposite! They would harm patients, not help them!

Thankfully, the newest member of the Trump inner circle, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows gets it. He is a firebrand fiscal conservative who understands that the top-down approach to medical pricing is not a good solution to surprise medical billing and the rising price of healthcare.

We all agree that this problem needs to be addressed but price controls are not the answer. That's what they do in Cuba - not the USA.

Tom Schatz - President of Citizens Against Government Waste - had a good piece on about this very issue. Here's an excerpt from the Op-Ed.

President Trump clearly recognizes the value in having strong fiscal conservatives in senior positions through government, and for that policy and practice he should be applauded.
In addition to an exemplary record on cutting taxes and wasteful spending, Meadows has consistently opposed government overreach in healthcare. He signed onto a letter led by the Congressional Doctors Caucus co-chairman Andy Harris of Maryland opposing government rate-setting for surprise medical bills, which are a growing issue for patients around the country.
Thousands of patients receive surprise medical bills each year when they unknowingly receive care from a provider outside of their insurance network, even though they are treated at an in-network facility. Surprise bills can cost patients thousands of dollars, resulting in stress and financial hardship. No one denies that surprise medical bills are a problem.
However, conservatives like Meadows strongly object to the notion that top-down federal price controls will “fix” this issue for patients.

For more information on this issue, go take a look at Mr. Schatz article - here's a link!

We need to stop surprise medical billing - even our own Senator Bill Cassidy has been a champion of addressing this issue. It just has to be done in the right way. And that way is through a pro-business, pro-consumer, free-market mechanism.

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