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OPINION: Ruston Woman Share Why She Chooses Medicare Advantage!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

I worked for the city of Ruston for many years, and when I retired, I needed to find new health insurance. Ultimately, I decided to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, which was the best thing I ever did – my Medicare Advantage plan helps me take care of my health, by keeping me active and social, even throughout the coronavirus crisis.

My MA plan covers telehealth visits with my doctors, including my specialists, to help reduce my risk of coming into contact with the coronavirus. But one of the best things about my plan is the community it provides me with. When I worked for the city, I loved getting to meet and interact with tons of people. Now that I’m retired, it’s harder to connect with others, especially while socially isolated. However, my Medicare Advantage program covers a variety of benefits that help me to stay social, including mental health services and free fitness and wellness programs, even virtually. I use these programs as a way to make friends and stay engaged with my peers.

I appreciate Medicare Advantage because the program understands that health is not just about your physical wellbeing. They know that mental wellbeing is important too, and provided additional services during the COVID-19 crisis so that seniors mental health is also being taken attended to. Our lawmakers in Congress should stand up for Medicare Advantage because it takes care of seniors health.

Debbie Hightower

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