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Pelosi Is Trying To Stop Miracle Drug Development!

In a recent edition of the popular conservative blog, Jared Whitley wrote that Pelosi's HR 3 would have effectively KILLED the Trump COVID Vaccine.

He's spot on with that analysis.

As we've said for almost a year now, the success of President Trump's OPERATION WARP SPEED largely predicated on a free market based drug system. A system that drives innovation through the profit motive.

As Whitley writes:

Despite the success of the free market – under appropriate, limited regulatory guidance from the government – in creating just about every medical advancement of the last 100 years, there are an increasing number of people who think the government should seize complete control of our health care system. All of them won’t come out and say that all at once, but inch by inch, bite by bite, every intrusion of government control on free-market health care moves us in that direction.
The latest example of this is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s HR 3, the innocently titled Lower Drug Costs Now Act. Billed as the silver bullet that will hit the bullseyes of all our health care woes, it seems more like shooting the US health care system in the foot.
The bill would slap a preposterous tax on prescription medicine, so that if a drug manufacturer refuses to enter negotiations with the Health and Human Services secretary on a “a maximum fair price,” HHS would hit it with an excise tax equal to 95 percent of annual gross sales. So, if a company sells a drug for $100, they would owe $75 in tax – even if the drug cost $85 to make.
This means that the Pelosi prescription tax – or prescription penalty – could easily surpass 100 percent of profits.
This steep penalty coerces drug manufacturers to negotiate and abide by the final price, with the goal of ensuring patients enjoy uninterrupted access to the necessary medicines. Now, if HR3 were to become a law, it would bankrupt drug manufacturers – thereby interrupting patients’ access to necessary medicines.
No rational-thinking person could ever accept this immodest proposal, which is why the propaganda campaign behind it will use soaring emotional rhetoric instead.

Whitley is spot on with his analysis. Biden and Pelosi and all the other Dems LOVE the vaccine but they want to kill the system that produced it!

That's why we must stop Pelosi's HR3 plan. It cant become law because we need MORE Miracle Drugs, Not Less!

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