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Socialist Healthcare Policy Could Cost Democrats Control of Congress!

In a recent article in Forbes, Doug Schoen wrote about how the Democrats could lose the House because of their awful healthcare bill HR3. This bill would impose socialist style price controls on our American pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, any good conservative is opposed to price controls of all kinds but as Schoen writes, so are the American People! This is shown by their strong opposition to HR3 - an opposition that could lead to a change in leadership in DC.

Read more below!

Looking forward to the 2022 midterms, the Democrats face an uphill battle.
Not only do the Republicans only need to flip five seats to take back the House of Representatives, but the latest generic ballot polling from NBC News/Wall Street Journal indicates that the Democrats hold only a one-point lead nationwide, clearly within the margin of error and presumably favoring Republicans in many swing districts.
Further, redistricting has the likelihood to give Republicans an even better advantage.
In the Senate, we also know that as Republicans only need to flip one seat, the Democrats once again find themselves on the back foot, needing to focus on defending seats in the traditionally Republican states of Georgia and Arizona, while even New Hampshire and Nevada should prove to be hotly contested come next year.
Given these circumstances, it’s no surprise that President Biden recently reintroduced healthcare and drug pricing specifically as an upcoming key agenda item....

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