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SWAMP ALERT! --- HHS Plans To Move Forward With Anti Free Market Drug Pricing Scheme

Straight out the DC Bureaucrats playbook - while President Trump and his team have all their attention focussed on making sure every LEGAL vote is counted and are working to STOP VOTER FRUAD, the swamp creatures in DC are working to move forward with a plan tailor made for the Biden Presidency.

Yes, the Health & Human Services Department is working now as we speak to move forward with a plan that would tie the price of drugs to foreign socialist countries - effectively killing the market for drugs in the US.

What these bureaucrats fail to realize is that by limiting the price of drugs and forcing companies to confirm to the standards of countries like China, we kill the incentive for research and development in the US. The profit motive is a real thing and though the Bernie Sanders crowd doesn't like to admit it... IT WORKS.

We've built the greatest economy of all time on well placed incentives. We've cured polio, revolutionized technology, and put a man on the moon. Why would we want to stop these advancements???

We need to tell President Trump to make sure his people stay on a pro-business, America First path. The Most Favored Nation plan is not that path!

Let's implore President Trump to make a change!

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