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The Swamp Is Making Progress On Healthcare...

Recently, in an article for The American Spectator, Eric Peters wrote about a new approach to drug pricing floating around DC that seems eerily similar to the approach taken by Obama when he pushed Obamacare.

Here's a bit of what he had to say:

"But [The Swamp is] filling back up, courtesy of the bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services, which wants to tie the prices of drugs sold in the United States to the price-suppression of drugs in socialized countries. This is styled International Price Indexing — and it’s being presented to the public using the same superficially appealing but economically fraudulent arguments used to peddle Obamacare — which promised lower health-care costs and more health-care choices.

But what did Americans end up with?

The cost of health-care coverage has increased massively since passage of the not-so-Affordable Care Act. Even the relentlessly pro-ACA New York Times admits — while trying not to — that the average cost of the lowest-tier (and most meager coverage) “silver” Obamacare plan for a family of four is currently $1,520 per month — more than the average family’s monthly mortgage costs and equivalent to about a third of the average family’s annual pre-tax income.

Part of the reason mandated coverage costs as much as it does is precisely because it ismandated. When you can’t say no to something, the price of that something tends to be higher — and lower in quality."

Peters is spot on about this issue. Though it may seem like a good idea, taking an approach to solving healthcare like this would actually increase prices and limit choice. It's basic economics.

Lowering the price of drugs is extremely important.... but this plan is not the way to do it!

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