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We Need To Be Smart About A #BuyAmerican Order

President Trump has correctly advocated for a Buy American order after dealing with trouble from foreign vendors during the Coronavirus crisis. This pandemic has been a wakeup call for policymakers and citizens alike that having a strong majority of our production based overseas can spell trouble in times of need. It's true that we as a nation should strive to become self sufficient in as many industries as possible but let's not get the cart before the horse.

Though COVID-19 has brought this problem to the forefront of American minds, the priority for lawmakers should be defeating the virus by any means necessary - even if that means relying on foreign supply chains for the time being.

An article in Reuters covered this really well. Here is an excerpt:

White House plans to expand “Buy America” mandates to the medical equipment and pharmaceutical sectors could worsen shortages of urgently needed medicines and delay discovery of a vaccine for the new coronavirus, over 80 business groups warned.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other business and trade groups urged U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow and other top U.S. officials to drop plans for the order, arguing it would also damage U.S. trading relationship for years to come.
“Preventing federal agencies from sourcing medical equipment and pharmaceutical ingredients from abroad ... would only exacerbate the supply shortages racking the United States,” said a letter from the groups, which was also addressed to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.
White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, a long-time trade hawk who is crafting the order, told Fox News late on Wednesday evening that he expected movement on the issue shortly.
“The president’s gonna get that done soon,” Navarro told Fox News’ “Hannity” program, without giving an exact date...

As with all major policy moves, we must be smart about the way we implement them. MAGA Louisiana is 100% America First! We should not forget the lessons this virus has taught us. - but let's not sacrifice life-saving resources in order to achieve that goal.

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