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Why Is Fake News Media in Louisiana Getting Millions of $$$ From The Ford Foundation?

It's been brought to our attention that The Advocate and The Times-Picayune have been awarded big bucks to expand their operations.... See below!

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) and The Advocate (Baton Rouge) will receive a $1 million gift from the Ford Foundation, one of the nation’s largest philanthropic funds, to double the size of the newspapers’ investigative team and expand the geographic reach of the papers’ reporting.

In other words, the Ford Foundation is funding a failing business that's getting it's butt kicked by alternative media sources like MAGA Louisiana, The Hayride, The Daily Caller and all the others. It's abundantly clear that the liars at these papers can't make their money off publishing good content so they've resorted to begging for charity.

This grant should be called what it actually is - a bribe. You can bet your bottom dollar that the new investigative group will be tasked with creating, embellishing, and obfuscating the truth in order to favor their liberal agenda.

The three-year grant will be made to the Greater New Orleans Foundation for its Louisiana Investigative Journalism Fund, developed in partnership with the news organization. It is the largest donation made to date toward the effort, unveiled in December 2020.
Contributions from individual donors and foundations have already produced the first hire: longtime city politics reporter Jeff Adelson will move into a new role as a data journalist for the team. The Ford Foundation grant will allow the newspaper to quickly hire two additional reporters and a deputy editor.

It's very disappointing to see this happen but rest assured, these failed papers cannot last forever. Begging is not a business model. They will fade away as long as their lies continue.

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