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With Only Days Left Until The Election, Remember That Trump Stands AGAINST SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!

We are only days away from the 2020 Presidential Election and one of the top issues on everyone's mind is Healthcare.

In the midst of a pandemic, our healthcare system is more important than ever.

We have a clear choice on Tuesday.

Do we want socialized medicine or free markets? Do we want European style government control over our healthcare or do we want freedom?

At MAGA Louisiana, we know where we stand.

But for anyone on the fence, let's just take a moment to look at the contrast between Trump and Biden.

With Trump, we will get a President with a proven track record of reducing regulation and fighting back against the democrats push for socialized medicine. He has worked to dismantle Obamacare and has advocated for a replacement to that terrible plan. In addition, he has fought back against the swamp's attempts to hurt our American supply chain for drugs.

There is still a lot of work to be done. For instance, the President could do a lot more to remedy Obamacare and he needs to improve his Buy American order but all in all, he has been great for American healthcare!

On the other hand, we have Joe Biden. A man who has a track record of just going along with the typical democrat position. For 47 years he's been a pawn of the Dem establishment. Now he wants to be "President"... but we all know what that means.

Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris will run the country. Make no mistake, radicals will be in control of Sleepy Joe!

And with that control, comes a push for socialist style healthcare. This isn't speculation either. We've already seen it in action.

Take for instance, Pelosi's bill - HR 3. This is a bill that the Center For Individual Freedom said "amounts to the worst and most far-reaching attempt yet witnessed to impose government control over Americans’ healthcare access."

The continue here - "As even the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges, price controls suffocate innovation and delay the arrival of new drugs, or deny them entirely.  It’s therefore no accident that nations imposing price controls enjoy a fraction of the new pharmaceuticals that Americans access, and that America outpaces those countries in terms of cancer survival rates and other benefits.  Pelosi’s bill would also jeopardize nearly $1 trillion of pharmaceutical investment, research and development. "

Laws like this terrible bill is what we will get with a Biden presidency. This is the America that Nancy Pelosi wants and Joe Biden is the vessel she will use to achieve it.

The CFIF finishes their statement with this quote - "All of this is far too high a price for Americans to pay on behalf of Nancy Pelosi’s socialized medicine pet project.  CFIF therefore opposes her proposed legislation in the strongest terms, applauds Members of Congress who have already voiced opposition to it and encourages all Americans to contact their Representatives and Senators to express their opposition as well."

We totally agree. We cannot afford a Biden/Pelosi controlled government!

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